Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More of St Nectaire.....

I thought I'd show you this lovely little tray which I bought during my stay.  I just loved the crackly paint and those pretty handpainted roses.

Unfortunately at some point while taking the photos, the slidey thing was moved so the last half of the photos were taken on the largest size possible, which means they take ages and ages to load, well they probably never would load, onto my blog.

All I can say is the mountain scenery was breath taking, we even went up to the top in a cable car and it was like being on top of the world.
Then there were these gorgeous machine tapestry curtains with passementerie trimmed edges and peachy silk tie backs.  I was pleased to see these piled up on the floor in front of someone's stand.
A good length of unused metis fabric in a lovely soft cream, ideal for someone with an upholstery project in mind.

Also we have a new member of the family, a little grey tabby cat which Holly and I found on the road not far from the house last Wednesday, she has been at the vets for the last week and after much discussion and deliberation we have given her a new home.  She is very cute and I will take a photo of her when she is a little less nervous.  She looks a thousand times better than when we found her, so thin and covered in ticks and I don't know what else.

Must go now, been asked to make cups of tea for himself, and as he spent ages today making a special bed for the pussycat I'd better whiz off.  I'm being extra nice as he wasn't as keen as Holly and I.

Enjoy your evening.
Take care.


  1. Love the tray it's gorgeous! The curtains are just beautiful. Fabulous finds - well done.
    Welcome to little Holly.
    Cheers from a beautiful Spring day in Brisbane.
    Pam x

  2. Gorgeous finds, I love the length of cream linen, and is that a lovely Toile underneath I spy?
    Jo xx

  3. You made me laugh with the "slidey" thing on the camera....why are cameras so technical?
    I just want to point and shoot....
    Do you have a name for the kitty yet?
    Julie x

  4. Haven't named the kitty yet, the better half says she should be called Lucky!!

  5. Beautiful tray. And yes, those slidey things on cameras are a menace. Hope your new addition settles in well. xx


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