Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A beautiful handmade silk blouse........

I bought this beautiful handmade blouse at a brocante at the weekend.  It is so delicate with embroidered lace panels, pin pleats, handstitched seams and little button loops.  So much work.
We visited the beautiful Puy-de-Dome area for the weekend, the scenery was stunning and the weather so hot.  I've taken lots of photos, but need to organise them a bit before I share them with you here.

Oh by the way, one of the ducks has started laying eggs, much to Holly's delight we've had one a day for the last four days.  The chickens are still thinking about it though.  I thought 'Honey'  the chicken was going to the day before yesterday, she was walking around all day like she didn't know what to do with herself, in of their house, out of it, in their baskets, out of them, but nothing happened.  Maybe soon...

Enjoy your day today and take care.


  1. Love the blouse, it is tres belle. The mannequin is also gorgeous, I have one for sale should you hear of anyone looking for one as Mr FF has put his put down and said that one has to go......

    Leeann x

  2. What a lovely, delicate blouse.....the detail is amazing. Will you keep it?
    Julie x

  3. what a lovely blouse .. lovely picture of the duck and chicken!

  4. Hi Julie, no I'll probably sell the blouse.


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