Tuesday, July 6, 2010

School Hols, Hayfever & Lillies!!!

Hi, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Holly broke up for the summer hols on Friday evening so two months off - whoopeeeeee!!!!   It'll be lovely.  She is an antique dealer in training and loves the vide greniers.  She goes with her pocket money and buys some nice little bits which she then sells in my friend's shop.  

It has been very hot here, 30 in the shade and really really hot in full sun.  We left at 5.30 Sat morning to go to a vide grenier and the thermometer in the car was reading 50???
I think it had gone a bit doolally after sitting outside school in the full sun on Friday evening.  

These are some of the lillies in our garden.  We have a very 'rustic' garden.  I get terrible hay fever and in the summer I just have to leave it to it's own devices.  I go out to try and weed a bit and end up suffering for the rest of the evening.  Tomato plants are the worst I've only got to look at one and it sets me off.

I do love lillies though, I think they're my favourite, I love the colours and smell.  I love the white ones especially, unfortunately they're not in flower in yet.

I've been making curtains this afternoon for the doors at the front of the barn.  I'm waiting for the curtain hooks to arrive so I can hang them.  I had to buy the hooks off ebay because the ones here are too thick to go through the old brass rings I've got.  'N' never ceases to amaze me.  I mentioned to him the other day I wanted to put some curtains up (finally) at our large doors which are 3meters wide and was talking about a pole.  He dislikes anything new, either vintage or antique it has to be.  

He disappeared into one of his store rooms and re-appeared with an old brass pole and 40 old brass rings which I must have known he'd bought at one point many moons ago, but had forgotten about.  Brilliant, just what it needed. 

I'll share what I bought at the weekend later.

Take care. Nicky x


  1. Hi. Thanks for popping on to my blog. Really enjoyed reading yours and love your beautiful finds. I'll be back!!

  2. Love your blog! The lillies are just gorgeous. I am now following to check out your amazing finds. Please come and visit me!
    Best wishes form Brisbane.


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