Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two little dicky birds sitting in a wall......'or at least they should be....'

We have two little birds who nest every year in the wall of our pigsty (now laundry).  These two little sweety pies have been up to nothing but mischief over the last couple of days.  They are sooooo greedy and get so close to the outside edge that they keep falling out of their hole.  The trouble is they're not yet quite strong enough to fly.  So 'N' has to keep donning some gloves to put them back in, so that something doesn't get to them, i.e duck, chicken or other larger bird of prey.

Four times yesterday, it got to the point we were all on tenderhooks and kept checking every time we stepped outside the door.
Why is she showing us a picture of the wall you might be asking yourself, well I thought some of you many be interested in the finer points of stone masonary in the Limousin.... no, this is the little hole where these little sweeties kept falling from (virtually centre of picture).


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