Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday morning = Get up Early - Visit the Brocante

Sunday morning saw us getting up at 4.45am, breakfast and leave by 5.15am.  On the way out of town we pass the local night club where they were all just leaving.  Quite normal here - start late and go right through the night.  I can think of nothing worse (i know i'm getting on a bit but heh I couldn't stay up all night - not even if Colin Firth was doing a personal appearance - hold on let me rethink that - ok maybe for Colin Firth but don't tell 'N'). 

We arrive at 6am and the dealers are beginning to stall out.  I really enjoy this market, it's our regular once a month market this goes on all through the year.  Here there are the dealers we visit regularly along with some friends who stall out and we have coffee and croissants with half way through the morning.  From the stall above top I bought a lovely pink, cream and green paisley eiderdown all freshly laundered, not as plump as it once was, but a good size and very clean, I just saw the corner of it peeping out from beneath something else as I was walking by.  The photo above is looking up one of the streets towards the cathedral which has lovely gardens.

This photo below is the where you can buy pain au chocolat (yum, yum!) and coffee.  Usually have to visit this stand at least once during the morning.

I hope you can see the photo above ok and it's not too shady,  it was a beautiful and very hot sunny day yesterday so sometimes I was in the wrong place to take the photo.  This was a new stand, one of those stands which looked interesting, bits of linen, kitchenalia, etc, bit pricey though.

I had quite a good day buying yesterday, a batch of antique dentelle, some little curtain tassles,  a lovely advertising pocket with some ribboned lace in from aux Galeries Lafayette, Paris.  The eiderdown, a great 1920's fashion magazine with loads of lovely colour pictures - all the latest fashions.  A great mannequin with maker's stamp on the bottom and standing on a lovely turned wooden base still with it's original french grey paint - pinch me, it's just too good to be true!!!  It is a lady's bottom half and was used to display lingerie.  A sweet paisley fabric covered glove box, very pretty and in good condition.  I'll get some photos and share these with you later I promise, but we had a thunder storm and haven't had the best conditions for photo taking. 

This stand (above) I hadn't seen there before, it was full of lovely linens.  Gorgeous monogrammed sheets, cushions, toile du jouy and bundles of napkins and torchons.  They had dyed some of their linens, some of the tablecloths and napkins and some vintage smocks too either in the dark grey or dusty rosey pink you can see above.  It was all lovely, but again quite pricey.  They had a rack to the right of the stall just out of shot where the vintage clothes were hanging it looked lovely.  The lady running the stall told me that ladies buy the smocks from her to wear around the house instead of dressing gowns - great idea me thinks!

I'm going to leave you there and go and try and get some photos of my goodies, the sun is shining here again and hopefully I'll be able to get some good ones out in the garden.

Take care and speak to you soon.


  1. That looks like a fabulous place. Look forward to seeing your goodies!

  2. AAAGH...all those french goodies and I can't get to them!
    Pain au chocolat and coffee sound so much more sophisticated than the burger and diet coke served at the local car boot sales in the UK...
    Looking forward to seeing what you bought too...
    Julie x

  3. Wow! You sure find the most wonderful treasures!
    Have you got a website?


  4. It looks amazing and all those french goodies....can't wait for the pics of what you bought!


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