Monday, June 28, 2010

Just another Gorgeous Weekend!

Hi, I hope you all had a great weekend.  We certainly had gorgeous weather, no complaints there.  Saturday morning saw us getting up to go and visit a vide grenier in a little town about 30mins drive away.  It was just a small one with about 40 stalls maybe.  I bought a few little bits and pieces.  
I was very pleased to buy a four fold painted wooden screen which I am going to use here in the house.  I'll show you that in a later post, it is in the middle of having (horrible) wallpaper stripped off the panels.    I bought the lady's head in the photo, she is very pretty dating back to the 1930's.  I think she may have been a little pin cushion.  She has a silk covered  pad, unfortunately the silk is now a little distressed, and a moulded fabric head with pretty painted features and real hair.  I also found a set of four huge monogrammed napkins and two linen torchens with a little red embroidered 'L' in one corner of each.
Pearls, not real ones unfortunately, but rather good quality nonethesless, the greeny coloured ones have a very pretty diamante deocrated screw clasp.  Very pretty, I wore these for the rest of the day on Saturday.
Having returned from the boot sale, we let out the ducks and chickens much to their joy and had lunch out in the garden.  Work then commenced on washing and stripping my new screen.

Sunday, awoke early to what was going to be another gorgeous day.  It was soooo hot.
We set off to a vide grenier at a gorgeous little town built on a hill, the vide grenier was just outside of town in a large field.  Unfortunately it was one of those days, there were loads of stalls, but I only bought a couple of bits.  A large tapestry floral curtain and a sweet little basket made of chestnut.  We met up with a couple of dealer friends at the refreshment stand for a cup of coffee and an update on our mornings' work.  My friend then took me off to a stall she'd come across with some pretty clothes for sale.  So a top and  skirt were added to my days purchases.  These have already been washed and ironed, due to lovely weather, and I am now sitting here in my pretty new skirt.

We left there for our return journey home, on the way we came across a little village with another vide grenier, maybe 10 stalls.  There was nothing there for me to buy, but what a pretty little place we'd discovered.  Such lovely houses and in the middle a huge very important (as the french say) house/chateau with walls all around and large iron gates.  Unfortuantely I didn't have my camera with me so I can't share the image.  But the houses were all in a soft honey coloured stone, with prettily painted shutters and flowers outside.  

I bought some vintage french linen working smocks the other day so I'm off to try and get those clean.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
Nicky x


  1. Yet another wonderful weekend for you at the vide greniers! The little village you found on the way home sounds lovely....I can just picture it.
    You will have to keep your grey, bedside cabinet with cut out hearts...too nice to sell.
    Your linen smocks sound interesting...!
    Julie x

  2. Lovely treasures, especially the 1930's lady's head she is lovely.
    Jo xx


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