Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday morning at the Brocante!

Up early this morning but thankfully not as early as yesterday as we didn't have as far to go. Quick breakfast and then in the car with a bag of pain aux chocolats to keep us going until lunchtime. It's a good thing you walk a lot in this trade otherwise I would probably be much larger than I am. Only 40mins drive to our local regular monthly antiques market.

It was a good day today. Sometimes you get that feeling, you can tell when you're going to buy a few bits and sometimes you get the feeling however hard you look it just isn't there.
I was pleased with what I bought. A sweet little mirror in a painted and gilded frame, a gilt metal wall light, a little treen shoe, some ticking, a piece of linen with lace edge ideal for a vintage project, little curtain for somewhere maybe. A whole batch of handles, they used to use them for hooking through the string when they wrapped your goods in brown paper (the good old days!) and some other bits and bobs.

We had a good wander around this morning and ended up in the old square by the cathedral sitting outside a cafe with a beer for a chat with a dealer friend. What more could you ask for on a Sunday morning, vintage treasures, a cool beer and hot sunshine.
Speak to you soon, hope you all had a great Sunday too.
Nic x

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  1. Nicky,
    I want to come shopping with you!
    What lovely finds and so many bag handles...
    Julie x


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